How happy are you to smile ?


In National Smile Month the organisers carried out a nationwide poll that found most of us regularly feel self-conscious about the appearance of our teeth. More than half of British adults (51%) say they are often made to feel anxious about how their smile looks and less than a third (29%) are likely to pose for a photograph with an open-mouth smile. Discoloured teeth are the biggest reason we are not smiling for the camera (33%).

This got us thinking

What makes a beautiful smile? Is it a Hollywood smile of straight, white, perfectly uniform teeth? Or is it a healthy smile with all its quirks and imperfections? Or maybe one that’s full of gaps? The answer, of course, is whatever you feel comfortable with and one that you are proud to show off. Our dentists all agree that a healthy mouth is what’s essential, not for aesthetic reasons but for health ones.

Healthy mouths reflect a healthy body – they have pink gums and are pain-free. Red gums or gums that bleed when you brush your teeth indicate that something is not right and the main culprit is gum disease.

The key three messages being promoted during National Smile Month are:

  • Brush last thing at night and at least one other time with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how much and how often you have sugary food and drink.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

Ultimately, the aim is to help us achieve good physical and mental wellbeing by improving our oral health.

Smile niggles

However, if you don’t feel happy to show off your smile, then ask us for advice. There are lots of ways we can help.

If discoloured teeth are causing you concern, the first and best place to start is with a hygiene visit – not only will your teeth look better, they will be healthier too.

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