“Welcome” Consultation £65

Includes full clinical examination, any necessary x-rays or clinical photographs, investigations and discussion of treatment options.

Routine Clinical Examination £47.50
Hygienist appointment (30 mins) £65
Urgent appointment £95
X-Ray (small/large) £15/£35


Restorations and routine care – Prices are in ranges to reflect differences in either size or material used.

Amalgam(silver fillings)

Composite (white fillings)

BioClear Composite Veneer/Crown*


£155 – £245


Composite Edge Bonding* £175 per tooth
Composite Bonding Direct Veneer or Gap Closure* £250 per tooth
Porcelain/EMax Veneers* £595 – £695
Crowns* £550 – £695
Bridges* (per tooth) £345 – £625
Inlays* £395 – £545
Root Canal Treatment £395 – £595
Extraction £150


Acrylic** ( per arch ) £350 – £950
Valplast £595 – £725
Chrome £695 – £850

* Purely cosmetic treatment is not included within Simply Dental membership
** Price dependent on level of cosmetic customisation

Tooth Whitening
Home Tray System £245
Zoom 2 (includes home trays) £435
Enlighten £545


Anti-Wrinkle Injections / Dermal Fillers
One area (e.g. Frown line elimination) £120
Two to three areas (e.g. Forehead, frown line  and crows feet elimination) £210
Restylane Dermal Fillers £175 -£250


Simply Dental

Simply Dental is our own practice capitation plan, one monthly fee covers all your normal dental needs. No forms to fill in, no insurance claims, while you are a member we provide your dental care. It even includes visits to our hygienist to keep your teeth sparkly white. The plan does not include laboratory-made items (such as crowns or dentures) or treatment done purely for cosmetic reasons, but just about everything else is covered. It guarantees you remain a registered member of our practice and gives access to one of our dentists when you need us. While a member you do not need to worry about sudden unexpected costs. Prices start from as little as £10.84 per month (3 fee bands dependent on likely treatment needs) please ask for details at your next visit, or we can send details to you if requested.


An alternative capitation scheme more suitable for people on the move who need access to a Denplan accredited dentist in different areas of the country.


The NHS dental service changes constantly, and not all items of treatment are available within the NHS. Typically the NHS does not provide cosmetic dental care. Our centre is a Dental Foundation year training practice for newly qualified dentists. We can normally accept new clients for dental care with our foundation dentist, subject to waiting times.

We provide NHS care for our under 18 year old patients (or 19 if in full-time education). Our ability to accept new clients will vary throughout the year. Due to changes in the funding system from central government, our ability to accept new patients will vary throughout the year.