Re-opening for Urgent Care

We hope that you and your loved ones are well. As you may be aware, dental practices across the country have been permitted to reopen from Monday 8th June. We are looking forward to seeing you all and no doubt many of you are keen to get in as soon as possible to resume your dental care with us.
Our commitment to patient safety has always led procedures at our practice, with infection control a priority. Following the arrival of Covid-19, this is even more vital.

Following national guidelines, we will be prioritising treatment in the first few weeks of reopening to patients who have had uncontrolled pain, swelling, trauma, broken teeth and lost crowns, bridges or implants, over the period of lockdown. We have a high number of patients who we need to deal with on an urgent basis and we will now be able to offer a limited service to deal with urgent issues day to day with an appointment if necessary.
For this reason routine dental care, including examinations and dental hygienist visits, may still be some time off, and please also bear in mind we are still restricted with exactly what treatments we are able to provide.
Once we have addressed our patients urgent care needs we can then move to more routine treatments.


As we need to ensure that social distancing is followed where possible, we need to limit the number of patients in the practice, so this reduces the number of patients we can see in any one day.


Please do not come to the practice to arrange an appointment as we need to reduce the movement of patients in and out of the practice, we would prefer you to arrange your appointments by email at Please give us as much detail as to what you need the appointment for.
If you cannot use email you can phone us on 0151 486 2697 but please bear with us as we anticipate the phone lines to be very busy.
We would suggest that if you have had an appointment cancelled by us due to closure during lockdown then we will contact you.
If one of the dentists or staff members has spoken to you regarding a dental problem over the period of lockdown then we will contact you.
If you simply need a routine examination and hygiene session then please wait for your reminder to be sent.
Our Simply Dental members will still get the entitled number of visits they are permitted on their membership plan.
We have had to rearrange a very high number of appointments over the period of lockdown. We have all of your details, so please bear with us and we will get to you, we just need a little time.


You will be contacted by a member of the team and you will need to answer some questions about your health. If you currently have symptoms of Covid, or you are self isolating because someone in your household has symptoms of Covid, we will not yet be able to offer you an appointment.
You will be advised of an appointment time and though we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, we may have a little less flexibility in what we can offer initially.
Please make sure you follow our Facebook, Instagram or website blog for more information, as we will be providing further updates in the coming days to explain more about the little changes we have made to keep you safe.
You have all been so patient, we are grateful for all of your support and for the kind messages we have had from you. We are all eager to get back to what we do in a carefully planned and safe manner and we look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes
All the team at Hunts Cross Dental Centre

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I was hoping to be a new patient at your practice but this pandemic has off course put everything in chaos so I wondered if it would be possible to make an appointment for say September or November or do you have a waiting list I could go on we moved into the area a few months ago

Hello Brenda,

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes things have been a bit topsy turvy since the pandemic! However we should be resuming new patient examinations and so on, within the next month or two, and we would love to welcome you as a new patient.

If you give Tracey or Clare a call at reception on 0151 486 2697 and pass on your details, we’ll get you booked in when we’re fully up and running.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,

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