The Cfast system has been designed to straighten your teeth in a reasonable time – usually 4-9 months and generally speaking we will not make significant changes to your biting position. There are several situations which are out with the scope of this type of treatment.  These include but are not limited to:
•    overjets/underjets – the horizontal relationship between the upper and lower teeth
•    overbites – the vertical relationship between the upper and lower teeth
•    the position of your back teeth
•    midline discrepancies
•    facial profiles
•    temporomandibular joint problems,
•    Position of tooth roots
The goal of cosmetically focused orthodontic treatment is to provide a significant improvement in the appearance of primarily the front six teeth within a time frame of no more than nine months.  Full correction of issues such as those listed above will require you to attend an orthodontist and may require years of treatment to correct. As such this treatment is not a replacement for conventional orthodontic treatment.
If you decide to proceed with treatment there are obligations you must agree to. If these obligations are not met to our satisfaction we reserve the right to terminate or postpone treatment. This will lead to an increase in the time taken to complete treatment as well as a possible increase in cost to you. These obligations include:
Good mouth hygiene: It is important that your mouth and gums are cared for to a high standard. We recommend a hygienist appointment before, during and after Cfast to ensure you are aware of the oral care required for proper hygiene and are able to perform these easily for yourself. The brackets and wires require thorough cleaning, especially after meal times and before going to bed. We can supply you with additional tools to carry this out. An interproximal brush is one of the best devices to help keep your teeth and braces clean and our hygienist can show you the best way to use this and similar aids. You need to brush effectively but not too hard – brushing too hard may remove the tooth-coloured coating on the wires.
Food types: Be very careful what types of food you eat. Hard foods such as crusty bread, popcorn, ice, boiled sweets, toffee etc. can break the brackets. Cut food into small pieces. Initially you may find eating difficult because your back teeth may not be in full contact when you bite. If brackets do dislodge and need replacing there will be an additional fee for their replacement.

Professional Cleanings: We recommend at least one professional cleaning with our hygienist during your treatment. Oral hygiene during treatment must be kept to a very high standard. Poor oral hygiene will delay treatment and compromise the health of your teeth. Our hygienist will show you how best to keep your mouth healthy during Cfast treatment.
Appointments: It is very important that you attend regularly for your review appointments as advised by your dentist.  Failure to do so will result in delay to your treatment and may require us to take other measures or terminate treatment which will incur additional costs.  Broken, missed or late cancellation of appointments will incur a charge.
Retention: We aim to move your teeth into a straightened position in a relatively short period of time.  As such if they are not held in this position indefinitely, there is a strong possibility that they will start to return to their original position.  This relapse can happen very quickly – sometimes within a few days.  Your dentist will discuss with you the importance of long term retention using fixed and removable retainers.  It is advisable that you have both types of retainers as one will act as a back-up should the other one fail.  We need your full compliance in wearing retainers as instructed as we cannot take responsibility for movement of teeth after appropriate retainers have been provided. If retainers are lost or broken, we rely fully on you to take the initiative to have them replaced or repaired.  In this instance call the practice immediately for an appointment.