The cosmetic denture clinic in the Hunts Cross Dental Centre has been created to give additional benefits to denture wearers who are unhappy with the appearance and fit of their existing dentures. A lot of our clients find that the dentures they are currently using whether they are a complete top and bottom denture or a partial denture are unsatisfactory for reasons of fit or appearance.

A denture however while it can never replace natural teeth, should be comfortable to wear and have an appearance that blends in with the facial shape so it is not obvious that a denture is being worn. We understand these needs and this is why we have created our cosmetic denture clinic.

On your initial visit to our clinic it is important to us to understand what it is you would like from your new denture, and it is at this time that we spend some time talking to you and getting a complete history of your denture wearing and any problems you have. If we can identify your problems then we are a lot closer to solving them! If you wish to come and see us about a new set of dentures, when you book an initial consultation please ask to come and see us in the cosmetic denture clinic so we ensure we have the time to spend with you.

You may wonder what it is that we do that is different from a lot of other dentists?
Clive who sees most of the clients who have denture problems is very experienced in this field. He spends a lot of time lecturing both in the UK and abroad on denture problems, and accepts referrals from a large number of practices to help patients who have denture problems.

So much of ensuring your satisfaction is creating the denture in the clinic so you can see how we can change your appearance, and we can build in small features which can make your new denture look natural. We can offer you a wide choice of different types and styles of teeth for your new denture and these will be decided upon together so you know exactly what your denture will look like.

We can shade the base of the denture to match you skin and gum tones, to avoid the overall pink plastic appearance that so many dentures have.

As well as the work we do for you in the clinic it is just as important to have a first class technician to make the dentures, we are very fortunate to work with Andrew , he is very experienced in the field of dentures and often accompanies Clive when they lecture together on Denture problems to groups of dentists who are keen to learn new ideas and techniques.

So whether it is a new partial denture or a complete denture why not call us and see what we can do for you.

How often should I have new dentures?

A well designed and made denture can last many years, the materials do however wear away and discolour with time. People with no teeth lose on average 1/2mm of jawbone height each year. The ridges in your mouth also shrink as well as the jawbones by up to 7mm in 10 years. This is what makes a well fitting denture become loose, move when you talk and give you sore spots under it.

Some of the denture pads available from retailers can help in the short term, but it is reasonable to expect that a denture needs to be replaced about every 5 years.

Will my new dentures look different to my old dentures?

A denture is custom made and so we can make it exactly as you would like it to be. However it is never recommended to change your appearance too much, so we aim to make your new denture look brighter, give your lips and cheeks a bit more support if needed to try and remove any wrinkles that may be developing. This is done in a way that harmonises the appearance of old and new together, so that the denture looks better without looking too different.

Types of denture

Dentures are made of a very hard plastic, custom fitted to impressions taken of your mouth. The teeth which have been chosen are fitted to this base. The choice of teeth available now is numerous, and we will always offer you the teeth that we think will be most suitable for your smile and face. During the visits you will have the opportunity to see the denture at a trial stage. If any alterations are necessary we can then make them before the denture is completed

The denture base does have one drawback which is that it suffers from chemical shrinkage while it is being finally finished. This is why sometimes you find a new denture does not feel quite as tight as you would like. To overcome this we can offer you a denture such as the SR-Ivocap system, this fully compensates for such polymerization shrinkage. Dentures made using this system fit more accurately, and are stronger than conventional denture bases.

The type of denture most suited to you personally, will be considered with you at your consultation visit.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures as is well known cause a lot of problems, they may only replace a few teeth, yet feel quite large in your mouth. The traditional plastic partial denture can also have a tendency to have teeth break off. It is a fact that over half of all lower partial dentures made are never worn!

To make a tight denture we have always either had to put metal clips on a denture, or made the whole partial denture out of a material such as Chrome Cobalt. These are very strong, and generally fit very well, they are often unsightly due to the metal of the clasps showing.

However we have recently introduced a revolutionary new material into our denture making. It has been available in the USA for many years, but has only recently been introduced to the UK. The Valplast® Flexible Partial denture is a virtually unbreakable removable partial denture that many people find very comfortable. These lightweight partials are almost invisible, and totally eliminate metal clasps. They are made from a strong, durable plastic that snaps securely into place around your existing teeth and gums. The plastic is so strong that a partial made from it can be very thin, getting rid of the old bulky feeling that partials dentures used to have. The colour and shade of Valplast® partials blends in well with the natural appearance of your gums making them unnoticeable

How should I clean my dentures?

Ordinary toothpastes should be avoided; dentures are made of softer materials than enamel of natural teeth. The abrasives in toothpaste can scratch the surface of the dentures. A common fault is to clean dentures in hot water, this is very damaging to a denture and will bleach the pink plastic turning it white over time. Only ever use lukewarm water. One of the most effective denture cleaners is called Dentural, this liquid will remove plaque from your denture and also keep it largely stain free. If you have never tried Dentural it is highly recommended by us, and if you have difficulty finding it in your local retailer we always keep stocks at our dental centre.

What does a denture cost?

A truly cosmetic denture takes many hours of work to create and naturally the cost is higher than for a “standard” denture. We will discuss all these likely costs with you on your first consultation. A typical set of dentures will cost from £550, it is however reasonable to expect that a complete set of top and bottom truly cosmetic dentures will cost from £1400. A Valplast partial denture is still available for only £325 to allow everyone to experience this amazing material.

The cost of a denture depends on the type of base material used and the quality of the teeth used. The cheapest teeth, wear rapidly, chip and look poor after a short period of time. The very best teeth are all porcelain which are very expensive but look excellent. In between there are many extremely good acrylic teeth to choose from. We will always show you the different types and help you to select the ones that match your facial shape and , gum and skin shades to give a life like appearance.