Halitosis (Bad breath) is of great concern to everyone, friends and even family will often not tell you that you have bad breath, they move away as they just don’t want to be close to you! It can be caused by digestive problems but in most cases it is caused by unhealthy teeth and gums.

There are many factors giving bad breath such as dental decay, food getting stuck between teeth but most often through progressive gum disease. We are fortunate in having a highly skilled dental therapist Cathy, who works as part of our team approach to solving these problems. The first stage is always a careful detailed examination of your teeth and gums to identify where the problem lies. We carefully measure areas around teeth where gum disease is present and once the problem is identified we will often recommend a full mouth disinfection procedure. This is a procedure where we spend a lot of time giving your teeth a really thorough deep clean. The exact way we do this will be explained to you on your initial consultation. Frequently the solution is more simple and may be nothing more than advice and guidance in oral hygiene methods, followed up by monitoring and regular visits to Cathy.

The importance of healthy gums is often overlooked, and it is a fact that more teeth are lost through gum disease than dental decay especially as we age. Recent evidence shows that gum disease has a link to heart problems and affects the health of many other areas of the body.

If you are worried about bad breath and would like some advice then please come and see us and we can guide you through the different methods we can use to give you a healthier mouth and get rid of that bad breath.