Mildly misshapen teeth can often be re shaped with a procedure often referred to as bonding. This is very suitable when the teeth are healthy but there is for example an unsightly gap in between one or more front teeth. It is possible to close spaces with crowns or veneers but this involves preparation and therefore damage to the teeth.
Using the modern composite materials, the sides of teeth can be carefully built up and shaped to make the teeth a little bit wider and either close an gap or simply make it less obvious if that is what is wanted.

Is dental bonding suitable for me?

If the space is fairly small bonding can be an ideal solution. It is not suitable if the teeth are twisted or crooked.

I have a chipped edge on my front tooth, can this be bonded?

Yes, the tooth coloured composite materials are perfect for repairing fractured or worn edges on front teeth. We choose the shade that matches your tooth , and once built up and polished you cannot tell we have done anything to the tooth.

How long does bonding last?

Being a filling material it does gradually lose its shine and can start to stain after a few years. This is not normally a problem however as we can just remove it and re do it as necessary, with no damage to the tooth.