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From New Enlighten to Zoom 2 Advanced Power we have a system for you

When you smile and you see your teeth in the mirror do you wish they looked whiter, often the difference between a nice smile and a really great smile is nothing more than the whiteness of the teeth. Now with Enlighten we have a professional system that can give you back that bright white smile.

Please read through the different whitening methods listed below and decide which suits your lifestyle the best. Do you want the instant whitening that Zoom 2 Advanced Power can give you? This is perfect, for example, before a holiday or wedding. Or have you time to spare in the evenings when you would prefer to relax, watch TV and let a tray based system do the whitening?

We can only give you a brief outline of the different methods on a site like this. We would strongly recommend for you to come and see us for a free whitening consultation, where we can discuss the choices in more detail with you. All the different systems will whiten your teeth, some are more effective than others, and most are affected by the shade of your teeth at the start. Your age also influences which is the best choice for you.

There are three ways we can whitening your teeth:

In Surgery – Zoom 2 Advanced Power™

This is an in surgery method where the special Zoom 2 AP Gel is applied to your teeth in a carefully controlled manner. The special Zoom 2 AP light is focused on the gel, and your teeth whiten as you sit and relax and watch a DVD or TV on our entertainment system. We will often recommend that you follow up the Zoom procedure with a four night course of home bleaching if you wish for a super white finish. Zoom 2 typically takes one hour.

There are three ways we can whitening your teeth:

Boutique Whitening

Boutique whitening is a tray based method that you do at a pace to suit your lifestyle at home. The particular system that suits you best will be discussed on your free consultation. All involve a soft comfortable tray placed over your teeth for different time periods; the type can be tailored to your own preferences. Home whitening is in many ways the most reliable and predictable of the whitening systems, and typically takes 10-14 days to achieve the desired whiter shade.


All tray based systems rely upon the wearing of soft flexible trays over your teeth for different periods of time. We will recommend a different method for everyone depending upon your age and the colour of your teeth at the start, and also how bright you would like your teeth whitened to. The most impressive system we offer is ENLIGHTEN, this is a deep bleaching system which requires that you wear the special enlighten trays for 14 consecutive nights, then on the fifteenth day a one hour whitening session takes place in the practice. It may sound a lot but this system will guarantee to whiten your teeth to a B1 shade. (B1 is a very white shade, and is brighter than most normal teeth) .

Before tooth whiteningAfterAfter

What the Media says:

  • Daily Express – Enlighten 10/10
  • Daily Mail – Get a Hollywood smile in your lunch hour with Enlighten
  • Mens Fitness – “Does it work? It certainly does. Does it hurt? Not at all”
  • OK! Magazine – “A natural looking brighter whiter smile to break a thousand hearts”

We have found that Enlighten is the best way to get a whiter smile, results will vary as no teeth are identical, but most people will notice a big difference to the whiteness of their teeth.

Tooth Whitening FAQs

It is important to realize that all teeth are different and all whiten at different rates and by different amounts. We have found teeth on younger people whiten more quickly than if you are older. Zoom 2TM works more successfully on younger people than older people who generally have more heavily discoloured teeth.

Existing crowns, veneers and fillings will not whiten at all, so if you have any of these in areas where your new whiter smile is visible these may need changing to match the new colour of your teeth. Tooth whitening is often an excellent way of solving the problem of existing crowns or veneers which look whiter than the rest of your teeth. Teeth darken with age and this cannot be prevented.

So how long do I wear the trays for?

This depends on how much lighter you want your teeth, and how dark they are at the beginning. The ENLIGHTEN system uses a fixed 14 day gel application in trays.

Other systems use variable applications. For most teeth 12 applications is a reasonable average worn for approximately two hours a day. Teeth will generally start to look whiter after 4-5 applications, and then gradually whiten with continued application of the gels.

Are there any side effects to tooth whitening?

Some people have some sensitivity when they are carrying out tooth whitening, mostly the younger you are. We generally do not recommend Zoom 2 if you are under 21 years. Different systems have de sensitizer mixed in with the whitening gels and this is something we will discuss with you on your consultation visit. Any sensitivity is always short lived, and does not cause any problems.

It is important to only use the strength of gel that we recommend. It is possible to buy gels of different concentrations from unregulated sources. Some of these can be extremely powerful and may cause permanent gum damage if used unsupervised.

Should I avoid anything while I am whitening my teeth?

While you are actually whitening your teeth, the gels have the effect of making the teeth slightly more porous. You are always therefore recommended to avoid heavily coloured foods, e.g. ketchup, mustard. It is always advisable to stop smoking and try to limit tea coffee etc while you are whitening your teeth.

How long does the whitening last?

This is like asking how long is a piece of string. Once your teeth have reached their new whiter shade, they will start to darken again as natural aging occurs. Your new colour will last a year or two but you may then start to notice that the teeth are becoming a little bit darker. We always suggest that you keep the trays that you have been using, and as soon as you notice any darkening, then you top up the brightness with some follow up gel that we can provide you with. Most people find they need to top up the original whitening at regular intervals at home with some top up whitening gel.

Does tooth whitening harm my teeth or gums?

Many studies have been carried out on the different whitening systems, and all have shown that systems prescribed and supervised by dentists cause no harm to the teeth or gums. It has been estimated that using dentist prescribed systems are the equivalent of drinking one can of carbonated drink.

Am I a good candidate for tooth whitening?

The answer to this question is almost certainly YES, just ask yourself were your teeth whiter when you were a bit younger? Are your teeth and gums healthy? If you can answer YES to these questions then whitening will work for you.

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