Visiting the dentist while pregnant ?


Planning on Having a baby?

Planning to have a baby? We understand that the dentist would be the last thing on your list through this journey; we would just like to say how important it is to visit your dentist before or during your pregnancy.

This will allow us to keep a close eye on your oral health and help us monitor and maintain this during journey of becoming a parent.

Once pregnant, you will need to let your dentist know also you should let them know if you are taking medications, if you doctor has given you specific medical advice be sure to tell your dentist to, with the information they might need to make changes to your dental care or treatment.


Everyone has cravings!

Cravings are hard to stop even more so when pregnant, it is really important part of your dental care to watch what you eat and drink as this could affect your decay rate and the health of your gums while pregnant not just for yourself but for the baby.

Your baby starts to grow his or her teeth after about three months. Make sure you’re getting plenty of calcium by eating enough yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy products. These foods also help your baby develop healthy bones and gums


Are X-Rays safe while pregnant?

Dental X-Rays are actually safe during pregnancy as an individual X-Ray does not have enough radiation to harm fetus. Dentist will put X-Rays off to put the patients mind at ease during the pregnancy and will take the routine X-Rays at you next check up after giving birth. But if in case of an emergency dental appointment while pregnant they dentist may take an X-Ray at that time.


Once baby has arrived

If there were any outstanding treatment during your pregnancy, after baby has arrived book in for a check-up and the dentist can do a full examination and dental X-rays and plan to get that treatment completed

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