What makes a Cosmetic Dentist?

A trained cosmetic dentist has the specialist skills and knowledge to understand what makes a truly aesthetic smile.

When you study a person’s smile what is the first thing you notice, do you notice if everything looks perfect? Or do you notice imperfections that appear to become more noticeable the longer you look. This is what a trained cosmetic dentist is looking for, are there black triangles between the teeth? Do the teeth have a natural translucency to them? Do they sparkle? Can the natural internal effects be made in the new teeth to make them look natural?

  • As cosmetic dentists, we are not only fixing teeth when they go wrong, we look to create beauty from teeth, and are trained to have great attention to detail.
  • A cosmetic dentist always has a sense of how the end result will look, and aims to make it an art form. The teeth will blend with the face contours and cannot be distinguished from the natural teeth.
  • Cosmetic dentists consider how the patient views the work, and understands that if the patient is not truly happy with the end result then they consider this a failure. Cosmetic dentistry often involves “thinking outside the box”.
  • The whole concept of “smile design” is to be artistic and to have a perception of beauty, harmony and how things should look. To understand how teeth should be shaped and the subtle details of alignment of shapes, sizes and colours. The subtleties of tooth shade and colour are recognised by cosmetic dentists. We have specialised equipment for shade taking, understanding of how teeth reflect light, and how this will affect the end shade.


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